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Family holidays are supposed to be that one time of the year when you can spend quality time together away from the chores that come with everyday life. However, now that families are starting to take 3G holidays (when 3 generations are invited along), it can feel a little more challenging than simply taking your normal life to a different destination.

Despite this, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your 3G holiday which will mean that it is an enjoyable time for you all. Let us share some advice for achieving an unforgettable 3G holiday.


Research your destination

There are loads of fantastic holiday destinations which offer plenty do for people of all ages. A good research when it comes to your travel destination is thus key! This research before you set off means that you’ll know exactly how to keep everyone occupied during your break.  That's why you should have a look at Algarve and the Four Seasons Vilamoura resort.

This could be sending the little ones to the resort's kid’s club, getting your teenagers involved in water sports nearby. Or finding the best spot for your parents to relax with a drink and a book.

Don’t forget to research what you’d like to do while you’re away too. Perhaps your parents wouldn’t mind watching the children while you go on a boat trip, or enjoy a peaceful spa day as a couple that will give you time to rejuvenate. All this can be combined in a relaxing and enjoyable holiday for 3 generations at the Four Seasons Vilamoura in Algarve.

Be super organised

To limit stress while you’re away, take time to organise your holiday down to the finer details. The idea of being spontaneous and going with the flow is nice but not very practical. Especially when you are travelling with both your children and your parents.

Work out how you are all getting to the airport, try to pack as far in advance as possible. Ensure that everyone’s travel documents and insurance are up to date – the last thing you want is to be panicking about last minute is whether your family members can actually leave the country!



Like with any group holiday, not everything will go smoothly during your family getaway. But as long as you remember this and keep your expectations in check, you will find that you won’t get worried if things go a little bit wrong.

The other important thing to remember is that even if other people’s 3G holidays look perfect, it is highly likely that they had a few problems here and there behind the scenes too. Thus try not to compare your own family break to what others post on social media and concentrate on having the best time all together instead.

However, nothing can go wrong when opting for 3G holidays at Four Seasons Vilamoura, as the resort has plenty of things to offer for every generation.


We hope that these tips for making the most of your 3G holiday help you to have an amazing time, and that you can truly cherish making memories with your family in Vilamoura, Algarve.


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