The Portuguese World of Wines

The Portuguese World of Wines

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Wines of Portugal

Over the years, Portugal has produced many wonderful wines, including its famous Port Wine, and has gained a great reputation for this around the world. The country has been exporting increasing amounts of wine more recently, and many have been given prestigious Decanter awards.

There are many different wine regions in Portugal which are special for a variety of reasons, and there’s plenty of different ways and places to enjoy the wine during your holiday in Algarve too.

Portuguese Wine Regions

Vinho Verde – The largest wine region in Northern Portugal, around 85 million litres of Vinho Verde are produced every year. This wine is ideal for drinking at any time and is inexpensive compared to many other options. White Vinho Verde pairs perfectly with cod, monkfish, and shrimp, and people also often drink it with pork or potato dishes.

Douro – The oldest wine region in the world, Douro has been producing wine since 1756 and is known as being the birthplace of Port Wine, although it also produces many very drinkable table wines too. Douro’s dry red wines pair well with red meats that have been grilled or roasted, and also taste good with cheese-based pasta dishes.

Lisbon – Lisbon produces the second largest volume of wine in Portugal and is home to both private wine estates and smaller producers. Here, you will find a number of wonderful wine bars to enjoy, where they will provide you with delicious food and wine pairings during your visit.

Algarve – In recent years, the Algarve has seen new grape varieties being planted, wineries being renovated, and some new ways to produce wine have been introduced too. This region produces both red and white wines known for their velvety, warm taste and high alcohol content.

Wine Tours in the Algarve

If you are going to be visiting the Algarve and would like to learn about the wine produced here, you can book a wine tour where you will find out lots of information and can taste different wines too.

Lagoa and the historical town of Silves feature in a number of these tours, and you will often be picked up from your hotel and dropped back there once your tour is complete.

Enjoy Portuguese Wine in the restaurants of Four Seasons Vilamoura Resort

During your holiday in Vilamoura you can choose from a number of restaurants which serve delicious Portuguese food that you can enjoy with local wines.

Choose a restaurant, such as “A Cascata” that offers an à la carte menu filled with delicious fish and seafood dishes which can be enjoyed with white wine, pick a hearty dish from the grill in “The Brasserie” paired with a wonderful red wine, or choose a theme night in “Pateo Al Fresco” under the stars where you can have a selection of themed food and drinks.

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