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To Brexit, or not to Brexit? That (is not) the question.


England and Portugal, are united by the oldest alliance in the world, still in force from 633 years ago, driven by the fact that Henry II helped us in our most famous Battle for independence in Aljubarrota. Led by our D. João I.

Of course we then arranged a marriage, D. João married D. Filipa de Lencastre (daughter of the Duke, John de Gaunt) Then came the first British tourists, we remember Francis Drake, with gratitude, and if wasn't him, we wouldn't have the best map of the Fortress of Sagres.

Likewise the Count of Essex, who in 1596 came to Faro, borrowing the Library of our Bishop... (not) to offer the best preservation for it, and probably formed the initial funding of the Oxford Library. From this we learned that Faro was the cradle of the Press in Portugal, having given to the world the Pentateuch of 1487, by Samuel Gacon, using the types and the press of Gutenberg.


But the Count of Essex wanted to get to know the interior of the Algarve better and climbed up to S. Brás de Alportel, The most beautiful local celebration of the Aleluia feast remained in his memory. From there we are recognized as a welcoming and well-educated people with whom to visit. 

Happily, we continued to prove our value to our English friends by helping to save the people of Gibraltar and their agreement as a British territory, which today still remains within the British Crown. When from 1704 onwards they could not be supplied by the Spanish main land, Faro, Olhão and Tavira, took care of providing groceries, doctors and garrison troops to keep the
rock and the doors safe and open to the Mediterranean.   

Another marriage took place, research shows us a bond between a descendant of our Afonso III and King George III. Yes, it has been a relationship of
great commitment throughout history with the Algarve.   

An the XX Century, the "Pacifico" became a caddy "  so Sir Henry Cotton designed the first golf course that with others, makes the Algarve repeatedly chosen as the Best Golf Destination in the World.      

There was no EEC, no EU, no Euro, and the subjects of Her Majesty, which we treated affectionately for 'bifes', plus introduced them to the 'sardines' and the best fish in the world, on the most welcoming beaches, less than two hours away by airplane.  We have more Algarve population to count for our Portuguese statistics thanks to so many who live here with us, and we learnt to have a 2nd language that we use in our own special way.

We never did miss the Euro from the Brits, because we like the image of Her Majesty. 

And while there are still glorious sardines we would like to continue to welcome our British friends to the Algarve. And just like in the past, through a Portuguese we introduce the afternoon tea, we also guess that now, it is with a mini in the hands that many feel truly happy among us. 

If there is any problem in the future, we are sure that, like Admiral Napier, the strength of the British friendship will return to Sagres, making
use of the oldest treaty in the world that will not be replaced.     

To Brexit or not to Brexit? That is not the question, because - Friends Wil be Friends! 




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